Hello all,

I have a Les Paul Custom with Gibson 57classic. I am "GASing" on a LP Special with P90s.

Serval artists I love use this kind of guitar, and I'd like to know if the tone difference was really that big ?

Very big difference. A P-90 is a single-coil pickup. It's thinner sounding and noisier than a humbucker, but it's also clearer and sounds like it's got a wider frequency response. It's sort of the middle ground between a humbucker and a Fender style single coil. They're very versatile pickups as long as you're not using a ton of gain. I hate to use the term but they're very 'vintage' sounding pickups.
p90s have a very distinct tone with a lot of chime and bite. It's not for everyone, it's very vintage sounding and of course has the dreaded single coil buzz. Go listen to some social distortion, might give you an idea of the p90 tone.
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Well, one is a humbucker and the other is an overwound single coil. The humbucker will or usually will sound a lot thicker.

P90's can be quite "hot" and have a lot of treble, giving them really sharp spanky cleans. The distortion is quite often fizzy, but in a good way.

Just listen to different videos on Youtube and you'll get the general idea. They are very different. I love them both.
Thanks a lot for your answers, I am very happy to hear that the differnce is quite big!

I have another question : Does the pickup in the guitar influence the clean headroom of an amp ?

For example, with a guitar with P90s, will I get a little bit more overdrive from the tubes than an other guitar ?
It's the output of the pickup that determines how much the preamp tubes will saturate. A humbucker will give you less headroom because the preamp will get hit harder and start to overdrive. P-90s are often a little less powerful so you'll get a little more headroom out of the preamp.
P-90's help crunch up your amp earlier than a Fender single coil will but not as fast as a humbucker will. The hotter wound pickup is the more output it will have leading the amp into overdrive and maximum tastyness. Also i find P-90's very versatile this hasn't really been mentioned. You can get some great blues tones but great rock tones to. I find the controls extremely responsive and can shape your tone way more than most other pickups. Dynamics and clarity are very present in p-90's aswell.
This is great, thanks a lot! It's nice to know that I can get a little bit more headroom than with my 57 classic!

I also have another question on the pickups : the guitar in the picture (the yellow one) has 2 P90s. So what does the pickup switch selector do if they are the same pickup on the bridge and on the neck ? I thought it was for different pickups.
It's exactly the same setup as your LP Custom. Up position selects the neck pickup, down position selects the bridge, middle has both. The neck P-90 is likely wound for a bit less output than the bridge. Even if they were identical pickups, they would sound different in the neck and bridge position. The distance from the bridge makes a lot of difference to tone.
Oh right I see! Thanks!

One last question about this guitar if you don't mind, it may have been asked before but you seem like very knowledgbable people!
What do you think of the Epiphone P90s ? I read on some websites that they have a pretty good reputation, but maybe you would disagree ?

I don't have the money to buy better ones, but I'd like to know what kind of quality they are!
wow, I hadn't noticed this was the Epiphone model :P

I have only tried the epi p90s in a Casino and I loved the sounds I had, they were mellower than the ones on my Gibson LP, I definitely wouldn't say they were bad. However, I like having a bit more definition, but they definitely do the job.
Cool okay! And if you had to recommend be one brand for P90s, what would it be ? (not too expensive of course).
Yes I heared Gibson pickups are not always the way to go, too expensive for what it is...
GFS then, thanks I will look them up!