I bought superior drummer 2.0 a couple of weeks ago and I know its one of the best drum machines available right now. I also bought metal foundry,toontrack solo and ez drummer. But I can't get it to work. When I open up the drum set sometimes only the kick drum works. And when I switch from avatar to metal foundry it freezes and I have to restart it and then I can't get any sound. I know I have to set paths and stuff but i'm not enterily sure if I did it right. It's all green but still cant get any sound. I also can't use all the options availbale. For example when I try to change snare this list comes up but only one of the snares work. the rest have one of those yellow exlamation mark beside them

I use guitar pro 5 alot. I have a whole bunch of songs written with drums and everything. But I cant figure out how to convert these drums into superior drummer/metalfoundry. If someone could explain this for a very unexperienced muscian this would be great.

I also bought cubase 6 and yes its very advanced. I havent put my self into it yet but I heard somewhere that you can use superior drummer with this daw. And that you can use a keyboard with this and have the drums connected to it.

So could anyone help me with this? It would be very much apprecited.

It'd probably be best to just contact Toontrack directly regarding your installations not working.

To get the drums from GP just export the track as MIDI then import it into your daw and put Superior Drummer on that drum track of the MIDI as a VST instrument. To see how to do that in Cubase 6, read the manual; I'm sure it's very thorough.
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