I have an IBanez Rga Prestige and the V7 V8 pick ups are not the best I want to know what the best all around pickups would be to put in my guitar. Great cleans twnag dirt metal ect...
Many people are going to say PAF type of pickups. Others might say EMG 81/85 or 81/60 and so on...
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I really don't have much experience with different brands, but I bought a set of seymour duncan blackouts and the difference between those and the stock epi pickups was unreal. It made me fall in love with my guitar again, which had previously been up for sale because i had it in my head that it was a POS.
Versatile makes me think of the BKP Nailbomb, but there's probably a more versatile pup around.
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Again I only have an intermediate knowledge of guitars, so don't take my word as gospel, but wouldn't the "versatility" of your pickup system be limited by how many pickups you have?

example, if you have 2 humbuckers in your ibanez with a 3 way switch, you're only going to get 3 sounds, regardless of which pickups you choose. Now that's not to say you won't get 3 better sounds with better pickups, but you're still not really broadening your horizons.

I'm not sure if it's easily done, but if you could duplicate the setup of, for instance, the prs 513 series, which has 5 single coil pickups and a 5 way selector switch, you can achieve up to 13 different sounds as opposed to 3.

But I honestly think that's overkill...you have a high end guitar as it is, I would personally leave it unless the pickups really suck and buy an effects processor.
the pick ups on it are good but they are lacking the cleans are great but the metal tones are the best nor is the country sound. I was looking for more output and clarity the neck is muddy and the guitar incase any one wants to know it a mohogany body with a maple top with a HH et up and a 5 way on it if i got new pick ups i'd probably want coil tap. I've looked at BHP Pain Killers and Nail bomb they seem to have good cleans but how about twang or hair metal?
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I tried to read that out loud and my face turned blue.

I'm really not sure this is the best place to ask...have you tried youtube? People have done demos on almost every pickup imaginable.
there is no such thing as the "best pick up" because there are way to many variables....like body wood, fretboard, type of music, your EARS, what you like/want, amp, speakers, your picking style, strings, hand strength, fingers etc etc etc etc etc etc

having said that duncan JB is and always will be the best EVER
I have a nailbomb and it is awesome for hairmetal/metal tones...my mate has a painkiller it is great for metal tones