I posted a thread not too long ago asking why my floyd won't stay in tune. I lacked some information about what was wrong with the thing. Now I know why. Please Help.

Floating tremelos float, in case you didn't know, so when you dive down or raise up... They go back to that certain spot. Well, When I raise up... The tremelo goes back to where it's supposed to be. When I dive down... It doesn't, so The strings are out of tune between 1/4 and a 1/2 step. I pull the tremelo up then let it fall back into place then... Ta da, It's in tune.

What would I need to tell the guitar tech to look at so he doesn't ask, "Nothins' wrong here"?

Sorry for the grammar.
you should tell him exactly what you wrote here, it's his job to find out what's wrong with it and fix it.

Anyway, imo it could be caused by springs or something putting some extra friction (like piece of something stuck somewhere in the cavity. Does the movement of the tremolo feel smooth? Or are there positions where it feels it's going bit harder/softer then around it?
If the guitar tech is any good at all he should spot the problem fairly easily anyway. There's not a lot to the floyd rose and they're really simple to sort out once you understand them.