I'm a drummer in a band, we've been going for about a year now and are looking to try start gigging. We have just one small problem to overcome first, as I don't yet own an acoustic kit (I practice alone on a Roland TD4K and jam on our guitarist's brother's kit at his house).

Basically, I'm asking for recommendations for kits, cymbals, stands, hardware etc. I'd like to spend around £1000 ($1600), but can probably spend up to £1500 ($2400).

So, can anybody recommend a kit (5 piece if possible), cymbals and stands that would sound decent and be pretty reliable for that price, as I have no idea of the best way to start

You could get various styles of the Tama Superstar set for around $1000, leaving some for cymbals. I'm partial to Sabian and Meinl, but my favorite hats are Paiste... so I'd recommend just going to a store and spending A LOT of time trying things out.
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With your budget, you can go pretty far; half the people seem to come in here expecting to get a full kit for $200.

I'd check out Musician's Friend; their pricing is great. Also, for expanding your set, Guitar Center's used section on their website it amazing; I bought a china on there for $10.

I'd look at the cymbal packs they have on Musician's Friend; they come a lot cheaper if you buy a pack, as opposed to buying the cymbals individually.
I'd suggest what the guy 2 posts above me suggested. Definitely Paiste hats, even the Paiste 3's want to make you

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Buy yourself a decent kit for about £400-600, spend about £200 or less on hardware (Stool, pedal if you don't have one, stands if it doesn't come with the kit) and the rest on cymbals. You'll want good cymbals, you can make any kit sound good with the right heads and a bit of tuning but you can't make shit sounding cymbals sound good. Like they say, you can't polish a turd.

Btw, what genre of music do you and your band play? Well, mainly you, what style do you play? It'll help narrow down what I'd recommend.
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Thanks for the advice guys, been looking around myself too.

@ static_music34: Is the hardware on the superstar hyperdrive durable? becuase I'm quite suspicious of tom holders that are locked onto the cymbal stands as they look like, if I hit them too hard, they might slip or (god forbid) collapse . Also, would you recommend Tama's cymbal and snare stands, like whats in the superstar hardware kit on their website, or go for something else?

@ Niiko: I've been looking at cymbal packs more now, as like you said you can't polish a turd, and was just wondering what the best set of cymbals to go for would be, since I had a look at a 4 pack of Zildjian ZXTs (2x 14" hi hats, 16" crash, 18" crash, 20" ride for $350) I was just wondering if these were the best cymbals for this kind of price, or are there better deals out there for a similar price?
My band play mainly alternative/modern rock, think bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Feeder, Biffy Clyro, but also do some more pop-punk kinds of stuff (Blink-182, Sum 41, older Green Day).
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Sounds good to me, but if you can buy them second hand individually you'll be saving yourself some cash. Always keep and eye out for deals on cymbals and packs. I've managed to get a Zildjian A 17" crash and a K custom 20" Dark Ride both for less than £150 on ebay.

Almost all hardware on an mid level and above drumkit will be sturdy enough. Look in the gear pics thread we've got and take a look at my black stagg kit, two toms mounted on a cymbal stand!!

But if you don't want to risk it, Gibraltar is always a good bet, heavy duty and almost always double braced. Plus if you mount a tom on a cymbal stand, it'll only collapse if you mount the tom inbetween legs as opposed to having it over one leg for stability.
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Due to having a re-think and deciding I'd prefer good cymbals and a polished-turd kit, I've been looking about a bit more, and found an alternative to the superstar.

Its a 5 piece (2x floor toms as opposed to 2x overheads though), and comes with a hi-hat stand, bass pedal, 3x boom stands for cymbals (all double braced), and REMO skins for the drums.

Its around £500, the only drawbacks being a slightly different layout to what I was after, and it being a WHD (basically an own brand of Gear4Music). This would leave me with another £500 to spend on cymbals, as opposed to £200-£300 with a Superstar (which I'd also need to get seperate hardware for)

So my questions to you guys: Does this seem like a good deal? Are there a few more things I need to consider with it? Is it better than a Superstar?

Here's a link to where I found it (if you want to check it out or if I forget where it is lol): http://www.gear4music.com/Drums-and-Percussion/WHD-Rock-Custom-Drum-Kit-Black/FNR
I wouldn't go for that kit if you're really looking for something that sounds nice. If the whole kit + hardware is that cheap, it's because it SOUNDS CHEAP.

You said you're willing to go up to $2400, but for now let's try to keep it under $2000
So with that in mind you should be looking at shell packs between $700 and $1200. You should check out the PDP M5 series, Gretsch Catalina, Tama Superstar, and Ludwig Epic.

From here try to spend 3 or $400 on a hardware pack. You can't really go wrong when spending that kind of money. (Gibraltar, Yamaha, Ludwig, etc)

At this point you should have about $500 left for cymbals.
Unfortunately that's not a lot of money =/ But we can make it work. You could by cymbals separately (which is tricky) or go for a cymbal pack like the Zildian ZXT. These aren't great cymbals by any means but they're not bad either. A better option would be to try and score a deal on a ZHT pack or a Sabian AA or AAX pack. Those are all top quality cymbals.

The options I listed here focused more on Drums and Hardware. If you wanna give more priority to a certain category then adjust the pricing accordingly. It might actually be in your best interest to skimp on the hardware and spend a bit more money getting good cymbals. Or you might even wanna go for a higher end kit. You can do a lot with $2000. And I assume you already have a throne so that wasn't included.
There's no such thing as a cheap sounding drum nowadays on the market to be honest so you'll have a safe bet with whatever you choose providing you know how to get the sound you want. But if you're looking at 500 for the kit itself then look on ebay or your local music store for something second hand, like a Pearl Export or Gretsch Catalina or something.

And depending on how many cymbals you're looking to get, 500 can get you a good set of ride, 2x crash and hi hat.
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Okay, thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep exploring my options and will hopefully be able to get down to a store to try something out soon
The best advice I can give is to buy used. You can find an entire set that you can take home and play that day with cymbals and hardware for as much as just the shells would cost you new. Avoid the pulse, and first act kits out there. I would look for a pearl import or similar level kit. They tune easily and are built like tanks.

Look around and see whats out there. You may be surprised.
I've been looking around some more, and have had Pearl kits by the drummer in my Dad's band, who seriously knows his shit (did I mention I'm only 16 as well? lol). Also, he recommended buying cymbals seperately, as he said packs generally have at least 1 cymbal you'll despise.
I probably won't be able to buy used due to my Dad not trusting used dealers at all, and that most used kits have to be picked up by the buyer and won't fit into my dads car. This probably means I'll end up going for a new kit (maybe a Pearl Vision, seems like the new model of Import).
I'll probably end up buying cymbals after a lot of experimentation, seeing what I like and what suits my style and what I play. Will probably go to the Northern Drum Centre, Gear4Music's store or PMT next week, since both have a decent range of stuff and aren't that far from me.
This is all probably gonna be a lot more drawn out than I was expecting haha
It always is mate, it always is haha. But you can generally negotiate with sellers to deliver the kit if you compensate for fuel, shouldn't be more than £5-10 at most. I've also been looking on ebay and there are a fair few kits going for sale there which are worth a look into if you can contact the seller.

Currently watching this one:

And there's also an all maple shell PDP CX series kit going on auction there too.
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Wow, I thats a good deal. Makes me wish I had an account, and knew where St. Neots is. Will keep looking on ebay, but due to my inabilty to drive and lack of an account I'm not overly hopeful...
Don't worry about that, if they're nearby or if you message them and they're willing to deliver for an extra fee then it's all good. And Neots is near Cambridge and Bedford so it's far from Leeds. Also, check out gumtree Leeds and see if there's anything. And you can always ask someone who has an ebay and paypal account to do it for you. Don't worry, I know how hard it is to get stuff at 16, it was hell for me until I got a job at 17 and could afford stuff (I'm 20 btw)
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They also let white people into the KFC and the NBA now.
Right, so I've now narrowed my kit choice down so its very likely I'll be getting either a Pearl Vision or Export (if I can find a decent used in my area).

Now I just need to work out what cymbals to get. I'm probably looking at no more than £400 as a combined total for cymbals, and I'm looking to get a hi-hat, 2 crashes and a ride (or maybe crash/ride and a china or splash to replace a crash). So can anybody recommend any cymbals that would fit into this price range? (I haven't been able to get down to a shop since I last posted)

As mentioned before, I play mostly modern rock (Foo Fighters etc.) and Alternative/Emo (QOTSA, Jimmy Eat World, You Me At Six (don't hate))
Ebay the cymbals you're looking for, £400 is more than enough to get a configuration of Zildjian A or K's if you buy them separately. I definitely recommend the Zildjian A 17" Medium thin crash as your ride crash or straight crash because it's a seriously natural sounding cymbal (If the drum forum comp thread is still available to view then check out my entry in it, it's got the crash I'm talking about) or just youtube it (mycymbal.com channel always do good tests with a full kit)
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They let black people on Fox now?

They also let white people into the KFC and the NBA now.
thanks Niiko really liking the 17" medium thin crash, seems like a good cymbal for constant hitting in choruses and stuff, and that website seems like it could come in real handy for looking at all my options
Finally got my kit today after a visit to a family-run shop in Leeds.
It's a 6 Piece Mapex Meridian, with 10", 12", 14", 16" toms, 14" snare and 22" subsonic-sized bass drum, as well as a hihat stand and 3 boom stands.
I also managed to pick up a set of Instanbul cymbals (14" hats, 17" and 18" crashes, 22" ride), which sound great considering they were £400 in total.
The total cost for the kit was around on budget (£1,100), which I'm extremely happy with as I got more than I was looking for in an extra tom.
Sounds awesome! Don't forgot to take pics and stick it in the gear thread, it's about time we had some new eye candy to look at =)
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They let black people on Fox now?

They also let white people into the KFC and the NBA now.
Haha were abouts is the gear thread? Is it one of the sticky ones, or will I have to delve deep to find it?
Delve deep, I don't think it's been posted in since probably before September.....
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They let black people on Fox now?

They also let white people into the KFC and the NBA now.