Genre ?

Budget ?

Location ? (prices)

Things that we need to know to give you your best choices.
Value for money: Ya can't beat Ibanez or Yamaha. There are better instruments out there, but they cost a lot more.
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budget about 250+100 for shipping

Any bass can do thrash, all that is, is a crappy bass sponsored by a thrash artist with a decal on it. I can assure you, you won't look, sound or play like Frank Bello with that bass.

Buy locally or buy used if your budgets that low. Of course if you are in a place that doesn't have much locally it's understandable, but otherwise don't devote 1/3 of your budget to shipping, besides many online stores such as Musicians friend do free shipping on orders over $100. If shipping on that things over $40 you're really not saving anything.

Best bet. The rondomusic, or an affinity P bass new. Used or haggling (craigslist, pawnshops, guitar center, other stores) look for classic vibe and vintage modified squier P and J basses both very good. Then once you buy it find the skull sticker that best fits you.
Quote by hashoom

budget about 250+100 for shipping

Assuming you're talking US Dollars I'd recommend a Squier VM Jazz, one of the cheaper Peavey basses or something along those lines. Used brings you into wicked territory, used Sterling by Musicman or Musicman SUB if you get lucky, MIM or maybe a MIJ/CIJ Fender... Uhh heaps of cool stuff.
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