Ok so ive been playing guitar for around 2 years i feel im not progressing enough. Ive had 2 teachers so far and cant seem to create a connection with either so the search continues. Im looking to play mostly hard rock and metal. Can anyone guide me as to what scales are most commonly used with these genres? Also does anyone have any good websites that would be helpful for me or even videos to buy? Thankyou.
There's a huge variety of scales used in all kinds of music. Just play around with notes and come up with what you think sounds good.

For videos, John Petrucci's Rock Discipline is really good. One of my favorites. And also check out Marty Friedman's Melodic Control and pretty much anything by Paul Gilbert. He's a great teacher who explains things very well and goes slow enough so anyone can keep up.
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Pentatonic and blues are huge in rock/metal man, start with that. Learn'em outta A or somethin. Outside that, the best honest advice is just do you. Learn what you like to listen to, and you'll naturally start to improve after awhile. Learn a bit of theory to know what you're doing, but dont make it work. If you make it work, it'll slow everything down.
Also see if you can get a hold of a copy of the thing John Petrucci did with Guitar World. that was a pretty good little DVD. And also check out the lessons Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have on youtube. lotta good stuff on there, even if a lot of it is just exercises to increase speed and stuff.
I find that a lot of metal uses the Aeolian Mode, or Natural Minor scale.
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Seriously, you are not progressing enough because you have nothing to progress for.
You need to join a band or find others to play with.

He teaches here.

If you go to the riffs section, there are a good selection on metal styles. You may find the techniques will be worth having a nose at as well.

Read my free ebook especially the first 2 chaptrs which show you what it takes to master guitar from mental and pshysicall points of view.

Other advice i would give you :

1. Choose teacher that likes the music you like.

2. Listen to your favorite music and then try to learn some of their songs so you can get used to the technique and also learn the way those guys compose their stuff.

3. As for scales:

Read this first: http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/music-theory/natural-major-and-minor-analyzed-from-3-points-of-view/ so you can understand why it is a good idea to analyze a scale from the degree point of view.

The read this article and learn the modes:


Hope that helped

Good luck !