I've been trying to program drums to my song but I'm extremely terrible at it.

Is there anyone who can program drums or at least give me a simple outline to build on?

Here is the link to the mediafire: LINK

start 120bpm
at 1:02 it changes to 170bpm
then at 3:11.882 it goes to 190bpm

Any help would be awesome, I can get the time changes too if you need that.

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When I program I manage to get a decent sound by planing in advance what it is I need. The drum sounds need to be genre specific (dont use a jazz kit to make black metal) and of a good tone, unless you're making something specifically electro and lo-fi (trip hop style).

You can repeat patterns so you don't have to put every single drum in place. People will only notice repeats if the drums are soloed a lot.

One easy way to start if you've never programmed drums before is to try and copy the pattern from a song you know. Don't worry too much about the tone, just get the kick and snare in the right places. Play around with velocity if you want to avoid the machine effect (though that's not a problem in dance and electro).

Cubase is the best thing for programming. I use a lot of software but always do my drums in there just because it's easy to navigate and very efficient.