A Fuzzface is so picky. It sounds totally different depending where you place it in the signal chain. I have a box of misc guitar parts here, so I broke out the soldering tools today. Since the Fuzzface only has a volume and fuzz pot, it is very similar to an old Gibson Les Paul Jr, which only has a volume and tone pot. I wired it up sort of like the Les Paul Jr. I will change the tone pot to an audio taper pot. It is too jumpy right now and does not taper correctly, but works okay until the new one gets here.

Fender Telecaster / I have a Fender Twin amp on 7 and Bugera V55-HD on 6. I would never play that loud on stage. I was just trying to see if I will get al lot of bad feedback or not.

Fuzzface Tone Mod

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