So I think it's time to upgrade my VOX-VT 15, but my budget is a little tight.
Here is some info for you, so that you can suggest me the best AMP for my needs:

1) Amp will be used on bedroom(playing along with songs from PC speakers) - no gigs, no need for lots of watts.
2) Genre is metal(Metallica mostly), Firewind, RandyRhoads, GNR etc.

3) Must be compact, like the VOX VT 15, so it can be placed on desk for ear levels.
4) Price must satisfy the improvement over my current amp, tone wise.

5) Reverb would be great.
6) Don't care about valve or tube. Just to be able to get satisfying tone of the bands mentioned.

7) Budget is $550 to $650, or 400-500€

The only amps I found for these specifications are the Blackstar HT series, HT1R/HT5.
Any ideas? Thanks!
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peavey vypyr tube 60

also check out the Jet City JCA20 or JCA22H series, one of those with your TS-9 would be better than the blackstar's for sure
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the vypyr is good and so are the blackstars but the best thing to do would be to go to a store and try them for yourself and if you're just going to be using it for in your bedroom i would just do what my friend does and buy a line 6 ux1 or 2 and then you have a variety of amps to choose from and it all runs through your computer so if you're playing along with music it would work pretty well and would be a lot cheaper than buying another amp
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I am not sure if I want to go with a modeller this time. I could always keep the vox.
Also, I have already tried the Line 6 UX-1, but didn't enjoy the overall setup as much as my current one.

About testing the amps, well I wish there could all be found in one shop, but where I live that's quite hard or even impossible.
Ibanez RG821 + Ibanez TS9
Peavey Vypyr 30 + Sanpera

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I have a Line 6 GX (cheaper than UX1 or UX2) and it works fine for me. It's like $100 too, and I bought a $25 metal pack that adds a whole bunch of amps to it.
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Blackstar HT1R is probably your best option, though I would get an Orange Dark Terror even though it doesn't fit any of your criteria.