Budget? - $600-1000 US. 600 now, 1000 with time.

Genres? - Cleans are important because I play at my church. Other than that, I usually play Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves, Foo Fighters, Green Day, RHCP, Muse, The Killers, The Black Keys, The Beatles, and occasional jazz for my school.

New or Used? – I’m good with both, but if I go used, I would prefer it be from Craigslist.

Home or Gig? – Usually playing at home, but I do sometimes play at church (with PA) or school (over saxes, trumpets, trombones, etc.).

Closest City? – San Diego CA

Current Gear? – Ibanez AS73B, 80’s Peavey Patriot, Tc Electronic Nova Repeater, Boss DS-1, OD-2r, PS-3, NS-2, CH-1, MXR Blue Box, MXR Classic Distortion, Rouge Tremolo, EHX Nano Holy Grail, and (the THING I want to replace) a Crate G-212 amp.

To start things off, I’m 16 and I’ve been saving for a while to get a new amp. I’ve been looking at getting a Vox AC30, since Blink-182, AvA, and The Beatles all used them, but I’m not sure if there are any better alternatives. The most playing is do is alone or with a drummer and I would like a good amp to record with. It would require very nice cleans for worship music, but also be able to get really dirty. If it matters, I like to use lots of delay and drive/distortion. All input would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
I'd look at some of this stuff. Otherwise, I think you need a Marshally type amp. Good news is you should be able to find something in you budget no problem - new or used. New - maybe a Tweaker, Rebel, Peavey Classic 30, Vypyr 60, Ultra, Penta, Blackhearts, Epi's, Jet Citys, Bugeras.....


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Soldano Avernger
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nothing else really on that list interests me
perhaps take a look at an orange th30, amazing cleans and great rock-sounds

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The tweaker and th30 both sound really good I'm gonna find a place to try them out. Thanks so much guys. Still open to more suggestions though