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Long time since I've been starting threads on UG. So here I am, at it again.
I always wonder, whether a group of compact series of guitar effects or a simple, multi-effects processor is better. What are your opinions, guys? Is it better to have multiple effects side by side or is it better to keep it simple and use a multi-effects processor?

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Multi-fx pretty much suck. You get what you pay for.

TS: There is no right answer. Different things work for different people. I believe in the power of digital FX. I used to play the pedal game when I used my 5150, but I'm over it. It's a pain in the ass, and digital allows so much more possibilities.

Some people like playing the pedal game. Some people are into the collectability factor, or the "vintage" factor, or, most commonly, they just simply like picking which exact effect they want. there is no wrong answer.
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Long time since I've been starting threads on UG.

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anyway it depends. there are great multifx (axefx, g system) and there are shitty ones. just in the same way there are shitty individual effects and excellent individual effects.

i like individual effects, because i like my board to look pretty.
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Well, depends. Do you have a few effects that you need/commonly use? Do you want to try and experiment with different effects? Do you want a multi fx with amp modeling? Just asking "Which is better" isn't enough info to say, and even with all that info, it still comes down to personal choice.

Personally, I swore off all multi fx until I saw/heard with the Line 6 M series could do. Now, my M13 has a permanent place on my board.
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Depends on the pedals and the MFX units. Some are good, some are bad, this applies to both.
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Some things are right for some people, other things are right for others.

Personally I prefer a multi-fx unit because I hardly ever use anything other than my amp's distortion. When I need an effect, it's pretty much guaranteed there will be something that does the job I want. Single effects pedals for me would be a waste of money.

If you're after something more specific or you use effects all the time, you are better off getting a range of single effects pedals as they will usually provide a better quality than a multi-fx unit.

Much like with all of these vs threads (which aren't really allowed if you'd actually read the FAQ), there is no definitive answer. It is merely a matter of preference.
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Multi-fx pretty much suck. You get what you pay for.

so imagine if you bought a really expensive multi-fx unit that would cost more than a whole bunch of whatever pedals you might be looking for?

by your own logic that would make it better than single FX pedals. of course "you get what you pay for" only works to a certain extent and then there's other things to consider, but generally a high end multi-fx unit is gonna be a great piece of equipment that through midi-switching and stuff will be more practical to use on stage than single stompboxes, especially if you have a lot of them.

I personally find that since i don't like to use a wide array of FX very much multi-fx are pretty pointless for me (i mean, why pay extra for stuff i don't need?) but that's just me.
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I hardly need any effects. I mean other then a delay and a compressor, I don't forsee regularly using anything.

Fuzz is cool.
If you're asking this question then I think you need a multifx. Check out the Zoom G3. You can always combine it with individual pedals.