The "Born For This solo" in my profile. Parts are a little sloppy, I know, but I'm still trying to feel the song out. I improv all my solos then learn them from there so it takes a while to get what I really want
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Nice tehnique you got there About the solo, intro licks were very good, you got skills bro. But the solo itself didnt sound like one, there were too much pauses in between some licks, wasnt natural. You should connect them with slides or bends or hold notes a tiny bit more , would sound beast ;-) Hope you get what i mean \m/ Rock on
Thanks and thanks for the input. Yeah, it def still needs to be tied together well. I like a lot of the licks in it, just need to fit it all in better. May try a split solo with another guy if I can ever get him over to work on it. Thanks again