I've had my guitar for about a year now, and for some reason the pickups seem a little too sensitive.

I have a schecter damien elite 7 unmodified and for some reason when I plug it into my amp and play on a clean channel, it still sounds like there's a lot of drive. It doesn't sound clean at all, but when I plug in my other guitars, it's perfectly fine.

Anyone know the cause? They're EMG pickups. Could it possibly be the battery or something? I don't have one to test it out.
Do you have the volume knob on all the way? Usually you need to roll it back to get decent cleans with EMGs.
Make sure the height of the PU is not to close to the strings or it will be muddy maybe?! ?
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Most likely the battery. Change it out.
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Do you have fx pedals? try changing their batteries, otherwise it maybe (as just about everyone else has said) the battery for the EMG's.
I think with active EMGs, having a near-dead battery does something to the pre-amp to distort the signal... I don't know exactly how it works. Anyways, this is taken from EMG's website manual thingy.

"As the battery weakens over time, the output level will reduce and become more
distorted. When you hear that happening, it’s time to change the battery."
You've had it for a year and haven't swapped out the battery? I bet that's your problem and it's a cheap fix too, if that doesn't solve it then you're only out $3 and replaced something that would need to be replaced soon anyways.

Guitar electronics are really simple. The only other thing it could be is a loose connection somewhere adding some grit (signal cut) or a pot going out, which is unlikely being a year old guitar and you would notice it only when you roll the knobs. I'm betting it's the battery.
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It's almost certainly the battery. EMG's sound distorted when the battery's about to die, even on clean.