I've been taking a look at what my local store has to offer and looking at what seems to fit the bill. I'm not very experience but willing to spend more than I expected to pay to buy something of reasonable entry quality.

I've kind of boiled it down to two guitars with the help of reviews online and videos on youtube. First is the APX500II and the next is the bumped up version, APX700II from what I can tell has a different pickup, and a solid top as well as being slightly deeper.

For a beginner, is it worth spending the extra £150 for a solid top? I read alot about it being the preferred option, but is it worth it for someone without much experience.

Videos seem to indicate a slightly better tone as well. I'm looking into more finger picked playing (first thing that comes to my head is mumford and sons style, or even some biffy clyro songs).

Appreciate the input, or even any suggestions based on that list in the above link.