i used to be able to practice nonstop doing repitions n learning songs n scales like a madman. Id practice everyday never missing one.
now like 2 years later i cant get myself to practice a repitition for longer than 1-3 minutes

i get overcome with feelings of madness and feel like throwing the guitar at the wall its the same with all instruments
I cant bare to practice any longer than thatshort time compared to the hours i used to practice
like the feeling that i get is just horrible i mean honestly its like anxiety and anger at the same time its like i feel like taking a crap but dont need 2 its insane lmfao

like how do u overcome the stress of practicing because i know paul gilbert and malmsteen practice stuff over and over way longer than me so i know its humanly possible...

is it meditation that keeps your mind straight

ive already tried taking breaks like i put down the guitar for a year came back and nothing, had desire to play but no desire to practice at all.

plz help me music means everything to me
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Play Songs you know. If you're tired of learning scales and stuff, just keep playing songs you know. get them down. add in your own licks and flourishes and nuances. Pick a song and make it yours. There's nothing more satisfying than creating your own version of a song that you think is better than every cover you've heard online as well as the original. It's like taking a break but at the same time not taking a break because I guarantee you'll improve your speed and timing, as well as learn new licks and scales and ways to play stuff. If you get bored doing that, try writing a song. **** the lyrics and other instrumentation, just try to make something cool out of techniques/licks you already know. Never make guitar a chore. It's a hobby; a lifestyle. always remember that.

That, and if you can get ahold of Aderall, that always helps with practicing scales and shit. Just don't make that some sort of addiction. Drugs are bad kids.
Usually when people tell you to take a break, they mean like a week or something. Not a year.

Try listening to some of your favourite songs and guitarists. That usually inspires me to become better. Then try to learn songs which are slightly above your skill level. Though it has to be a song you really like. Don't just learn a song just for the sake of learning a song.
You don't have to practise everyday, have fun a couple of days. Play video games, hang out with your friends etc.
Just learn stuff you don't know.

Hope This Helped,
How does one overcome it ?
You get a tampon, you use it, you keep practicing.

be sure to have your goals in mind, if you want to play a cool song, think about it and remember thats the reason you are doing those "boring" finger excercises or learning those new chords and scales..

music means everything to you? BULLSHIT! you wouldnt have put the guitar down for 1 year if it did, you wouldnt be able to put it down even after hours of playing it.

It isnt easy, put some effort and concentration in it,no one is going to tweak your mind so that you are motivated, you have to find that motivation yourself.
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Balance is everything....practicing without playing is pointless, you didn't pick up the guitar because you wanted to practice.
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