I play alot of modern worship music (Think lead, ambient-type stuff, U2 and Muse are both huge influences on my lead playing), and I hear alot about getting a good compressor for some of my lead sounds. Today, I was trying out some different pedals, and so I tried a Dynacomp, and couldn't seem to get the sound I wanted/expected. So, what are some good comp pedals for a punchy, snappy sound? Here's some examples of what I have in mind (If these aren't sounds that need/are using a comp, forgive my ignorance). All three of them are the intro guitar parts.



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some compressors that are snappy yet won't rape your dynamics are: demeter compulator, diamond compressor, empress compressor. they're all really good.

All of these. Listen to some demo's of each, read a few reviews, work out the best one for you and go with it.