Greetings there fellas. It's not my band actually, but it's been a project that I've been involved more or less in critting mixes/songwriting, and the band members are pretty close friends of mine.

The band is from Istanbul, Turkey. Some of the members are also the founders of an online metal music magazine known as Pasifagresif.com. They have just released their first album Of Oceans and Raindrops yesterdaay, and they are also distributing the album via internet download for free. It's hard to give examples of bands that they sound similar to, but maybe Chuck Schuldiner's Death and Obscura would be good examples just to imply how their songs sound like, but they are very unique, and it wouldn't be so easy to see the influence imo.

It's basically a home studio recording except the vocals, and if they allow me to indicate the gear used during the recordings, I would gladly try to answer your questions regarding the topic.

Any progressive/technical death metal fan should give them a try, I shat my whitey pants while listening, plus, it's probably one of the first bands from Turkey to have this kinda recording and musical quality, expecially in a home studio environment. Songwriting-wise, it's undescribably AWESOME in my opinion.

You can download the album and gain more information about the band from the link below;


Any feedback is appreciated!
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