Is it any good? I found two reviews on Amazon. One said it was great, and the other said... well it said something else. Does anyone who actually knows what they're talking about have any input. If it's trash, what other analog delays around the super cheap range are good?
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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it needs a silver flakes
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ah i remember looking into these a little while back

according to that fx database site, they seem to be belcats.

haven't tried them... heard varying things too. "Not bad for the money" seems to be the thing. I'd doubt it's truly analogue, though.

For cheap, joyo pedals (based on the, er, one i've tried) are pretty good. For a little more, tonerider pedals are very nice (though I'd caution that my tonerider delay doesn't like being in an fx loop, so if you're going to use it in a loop, i'd get something else), though they don't have a gigantic range of fx.

EDIT: i have a daphon delay which was quite nice for slapback sounds too, and which actually was analogue (as far as i'm aware). Though I think it died (might have been my power supply, though ).
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