Hey all android users.

I'm getting my android phone soon from myt dad .
But I want it to have tons of music apps, the only one I know is toneprint where you need a tc pedal for.
But I would like to get:
Drumming app.
Metronome (including wacky time sigs)
A tuner (just like a regular boss tu-88 with needle point and show different color lights when it's in tune)
And lots more!
EDIT:Free apps preffered.
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cleartune is probably the best tuning app for a smartphone around by far. its the first music app i recommend every time.
for a metronome just search metronome and dont forget the UG app.
I just recently picked up the UG app and the Korg iKaossilator for the iPhone, I'm not sure if they're both on Android. They've kept me rather busy.
I know it's not what you're asking, but Poweramp is a far better music player than the onboard player.

Gibson make a pretty decent app that covers a few things, like a tuner, metrome, chords, and I believe even lessons. It's called L&M guitar.
Get Mobile Metronome. You can only do quarter or sixteenth as the beat, but that'll give you some pretty weird signatures all on it own.
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What exactly does the UG app do? I know they have information for it here, but I want to hear from someone who actually has it. Worth it or not? I have my hand on the purchase button.
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