Hey guys!

I'm looking for some demo videos/reviews on the Agile Septor Elite 625 EB EMG - I'm looking at either picking this up or the Hellraiser C1. They are both beautiful guitars and I really like the ebony on the Septor so I'm leaning towards that but its sad that I can't actually go to a shop and pick one up to test her out.

So if you have audio clips, videos, your own reviews or have better google fu than I do and want to try and find any, please share them! I'd greatly appreciate it.

I have heared good stuff about Agile and their guitars, and I want to buy a Interceptor Pro 727 myself... Still I don't really like the idea of spending near $1000 on something I haven't tried.
Still, there is much videos at youtube, and you might know someone that have that guitar that you could visit.
They're both quite good. The septor is likely to have a flatter neck than the Schecter and it'll be a bit brighter due to the maple neck.
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Yah, I just wish this specific model had more publicity would love to hear/see it in action!
To be honest they'll be pretty similar guitars. Both are made in Korea and have EMG pickups... like oneblackened said, the maple neck on the septor probably sounds a bit brighter as opposed to the mahogany neck on the C1.

If I had to pick between the two, I'd take the Agile because I despise the necks on the Hellraiser series with a passion. Sticky as a mo fo.

Honestly though, I've never been that impressed by Agile. I played a baritone 6 string that was average, and I played an 8 string interceptor that I was really disappointed by.