Hello there, ultimateguitar users. I'm a fellow guitar player in need of your assistance. I've been playing guitar for two years now. While I'm not as proficient as I could be when it comes to the instrument, I've decided that it's time to get myself an electrical guitar amp.

I'd be willing to spend somewhere around 250 euros one the amp. From what I've heard it would be good for it to have a 12'' speaker and a line out jack. I plan on using it for home practice and possibly for jamming with friends/shows in small venues if possible. Now I know that in that price I won't find the best tools available, and versatility is kind of out of the question, but I would be interested in something with a warm clean sound that can handle distortion and other effects decently. I'm very much into post-rock and progressive music such as Porcupine Tree,Opeth,Kansas in case it helps with anything.

I did look around and found the Fender Mustang III amp. It looked pretty decent but, I can't get hold of it through retailers in my country at the moment.

In case the information I've given is vague, or not enough for a reccomendation, I'd be willing to supply more. As I've said, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to guitar amps, but I'm willing to learn :P

Thanks in advance,
your best bet is to get a good modeling amp. he fender mustang III is the only modeling amp that ive tried before but it sound great for the price and of course it give a great range of sounds. ive also heard great stuff about the Vox Valvetronix amps and the Peavey Vypyr. if your going to jam with your friends get something high wattage. looking at the bands you like, i think that the peavey vypyr 75w would best suit you because its great for heavier sounds.
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Höhner llx100g
Gibson explorer
crappy stagg acoustic
Roland dac80d
marshall jcm 900 sl-x 2500
marshall 1960A
ehx metal-muff
jimmy hendrix wah
The Vox VT range is solid, had one of the older ones for about a year and it was a good, versatile amp. They've fairly recently upgraded them too (the VT+ range) so they should be better again
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Thank you for the prompt replies. I've looked into those amps and they seem to fit what I'm looking for. I'll be studying some more videos of them and finally decide which to get. However, I've got two more questions.

Firstly, how does the guitar I own influence the overall sound? And secondly, the Fender Mustang III doesn't have a line out jack (as far as I know). How can I send signal from it to the PA, yet still use it as a monitor (a.k.a, how can I still hear myself after I've plugged it into the PA)?
Mic it, the line/phone out will cut the internal speaker.
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Quote by Woozeh

Firstly, how does the guitar I own influence the overall sound?

a lot, although the cheaper modellers will probably minimise those differences.

Pickups would be the main thing- humbuckers sound a lot fatter and more powerful than fender-style single coils, for example.

though everything in the guitar will affect the tone to a certain extent- scale length, wood used, type of neck joint, type of hardware, etc. etc.
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TS look at the Roland Cubes, Fender Mustang, or the Peavey Vypyrs.
I understand. Now there are some more things that come up to mind.

Robbgnarly said I should mic the amp when it comes to sending signal to the PA. Given the fact that the venues I'll be playing will be medium at best but mostly small, won't this interfere with the sound quality? Also do you need a specific type of microphone in order to do that?

Also, for live stuff (especially), do the effects on the modelling amps do their job? As I said before, I'm aware that it's not top-notch gear I'm discussing here, but I'd like to know if the effects sound decent enough and how they would compare with separate ones plugged into an amp that doesn't have that many onboard effects.
Itll sound better miced up than through the line out tbh.

Any dynamic mic should do it, but in particular shure sm57/sm58, used shure 545, sennheiser e606 or audix i5.

The Vox VT range are pretty solid fx wise, theyre not the newest or most inovative, ive not tried the mustang, but i imagine from what ive heard the mustangs fx sound better.

None of these modeling amps will compare to a good pedal board through a good valve amp, but it doesnt mean you wont be happy with it for the time being.