Hey all,

I've bought Pro Tools 9 MP and have Mbox 2, but when i launch pro tools, it doesn't recognize the audio interface (Mbox 2) and so doesn't launch the program. I've tried installing the updated driver from the avid website for the Mbox 2 but and then installing pro tools 9 again, but that didn't work too. Also, when i install the driver, nothing happens, is something supposed to happen? The lights on the Mbox 2 are on so it should be working. Does anyone have ANY help they can give me?
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Thats because the Mbox 2 isn't an M-Audio interface. The Mbox is done by Digidesign/Avid and PT9 MP requires a M-Audio interface. Your only solution is to upgrade to PT9 (Non-MP) or PT10 if you want to use your Mbox
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