Hi guy's

i've recently discovered i have all the required tools in my shed to build my own guitar.

at the moment i have got a decent size African Padauk Beam. (7 cm thick by 3 meters long by 30 cm wide)

Would this material be fit to produce a decent instrument?
are there some good tutorials out there that can help me? (i've followed some builds over the years so i know that it will be a big project)
and what are some things i should look out for?

It's probably going to be a strat or telecaster...

Greetz, and thanks in advance!
Drum drum drum away!
From what I heard that wood has great tone.
But since its your first built be extra careful and double check everything so you don't waste the wood!
yeah, my first guitar was made from paduak. great wood. jsut a couple things to know

dust can be agetative, also, it turns everything in your shop bright orange lol

it is reallly heavy, my small bodied guitar ended up weighing in at 14 pounds. so find a weigh to weight releive it (hollowbody with a seperate top would be a great choice)

its very open pored, so if your using lacquer, you need to grain fill first.

but i suggest a tung oil finish. paduak turns out awesome with a little tung oil.

also, it will darken overtime from UV rays, from that bright red to a dark rich browny red.

its also a pretty bright wood.

good luck