I have still been writing and would say i have picked up more elements though still use my first real comfortable ones maybe a bit to much

example is in "146 bars of confusion" and what would be on here but the file was to big, anyway i tend to use the same key area a lot
i feel i don't know enough theoretically about composing

PS. i know i haven't finished bass on "Deathcore 6" i only wrote that last night and some of this morning and i will get to doing that when i can be bothered
146 Bars Of Confusion 2.gp5
deathcore 6.gp5
deathcore 7.gp5
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For 146 bars of confusion:

This is purely a critique notation wise, but you should really adjust the time signature as to make it as easy as possible for the players to read it. A lot of the time you could just write down a 4/4 bar, instead of splitting them up in for example 2 times 3/8 and a 2/8. For example the part at 77 is obviously a 4/4 beat. Especially the 'random' 2/8 and 1/8 bars are pretty much uncountable.

Composition wise, I would suggest try to be more groove orientated. Sure, the jarring rhythmic shifts are cool, but try switch it up with a nice groove the listener can follow for a while. On the parts where there are sixteenth bass kick runs, you could add some parts where there are some quick 32nd bursts to add some momentum to the pulse.
From bar 129, the drums are kinda lacking IMO. Before the tom groove comes in, you could add some more cymbal/high hat/splashes to it. The tom groove itself is pretty stale, rhythmically speaking, now it's all just a 16th note rhythm.
Thanks man that was my first song ever trying to use time signatures
think i did it last week
still trying to learn the whole off beat yet even aspect
and i will try put your advise to work
appreciate it
Deathcore 7 actually looks okay. A few things:
*That 515 chord you use at the beginning. Can you really finger that?
*There's no way you will ever find a drummer that can play 32nd-note blasts at 180 bpm. Try putting that down at half-speed.
*The riffs are okay, just not memorable. I'm not really into deathcore, but as far as I can tell, deathcore riffs have to be somewhat memorable for the song to be any good... Wait, what am I saying? Deathcore riffs usually just go by in a blur of chugging and tremolo picking anyway. You'll be fine.
*Nice solo. The range is about an octave lower than most metal solos, just putting that out there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
may not be memorable enough but i generally try not to overload on chugging
i can't really incorporate the styles i want to into it just yet to make it more memorable
I haven't grasped completely how to transition from style to style
and nah i suck at guitar
i just really enjoy writing music
i ask for guidance here for a future reference once i have been taught enough theory and techniques to be able to play the shit eventually
so before i do that i have been learning composing and gathering elements i would like to somehow mix

i am actually a vocalist
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and the only reason their are breakdowns in "deathcore 6" is i couldn't think of a way to transition and end