hi guys,

in a few months im planning on getting a new amp and im undecided over whether to get the:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Jet City Amps JCA5212RC or JCA2112RC

the type of music i play is blues rock, alt rock, hard rock and classic rock but good cleans are vital (they dont have to be sparkly, just not dirty "cleans") and the ability to get a smooth overdrive (think steve vai or john frusciante's solo on dani california) would be a nice bonus, even if i have to use pedals to get it because thats not a problem cause i have a zoom g3 mfx pedal. the bands i like are: red hot chili peppers, jimi hendrix experience, led zeppelin.

the amp will be for home use and gigging.

ive heard great things about the fender amp and its definately loud enough for a gig but i only recently took interest in the jet city amps but they seem very good and theyre the same price as the fender. the fender seems more versatile and the bright switch could come in handy but the jet seems like it could handle the dirtier stuff (jimi hendrix style rythm for example) better. one other thing that i like about the fender amp is that it has two inputs, but its not very important, and the crunch and overdrive on the jet city matches the drive and more drive on the fender.

so would the jet city be loud enough for gigs? (saving money by buying that over the fender or jca5212rc would be a nice bonus, but only if it could handle gigs and drums).

and what would you recommend out of what i am looking at? (please, no other suggestions, ive looked for long enough).
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Really, both of those amps are completely different.

The Fender is okay. Good cleans and that's really about it. The drive channel on those amps are pretty poor.

The Jet City's cleans aren't as good as the Fenders, but they're certainly usable. The distortion channels are significantly better and will put your pedal to shame. The 20w JCA is fine for gigs, as long as you're micing it, it probably won't be loud enough by itself to really spread to all the audience, unless your band plays very softly. You also need to be aware that at 20w, you're going to be cranking that thing for cleans, which means they'll probably be close to nonexistent, because even if the preamp is set really low in gain, you're still going to be driving the power tubes pretty hard.

I say go for the 50w Jet City, it will cover all the tones you listed and is much more versatile.
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I've just purchased a Jet City JCA50H yesterday. Although the cleans aren't brilliatn they definitely are usable, and having owned a HRD in the past, the overdrive on Jet City's are ten times better. You would definitely have to use a pedal for overdrive on HRD, as did I, because in my opinion they just don't cut it.

If you do decide to go for the Jet City take a look at the 50-watt head. Will give you a lot more headroom, and there is a supplier selling them cheap on eBay as they have too many in their warehouse!!!

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