I would like to start off by saying I don't know dick about fuzz pedals and all the lingo associated with them. I have the wampler triple wreck and love playing around with the boost function that makes it sound fuzzy, but I would like a dedicated fuzz pedal.

I am not looking to recreate anybody's particular sound, I just want a good thick doomy/stoner fuzz.

I have been looking at the following pedals-

Black Arts Lstr
Black Arts Pharoah
Blackout Musket
Creepy Fingers DoomiDrive

and then Greeny23 had to mention the SuperCollider in another thread last night and confuse me even more, but I guess in a good way.

I am really leaning towards the Lstr because there simply isn't a bad tone in this vid-


I also really like the sound in the opening of this vid with the credits and from like 3:49 on-


It seems like the supercollider can do everything that the doomidrive can do and then some at a cheaper price though.

Does anyone have opinions on the Lstr or can you suggest any other pedals that I should be looking at?

I really don't want to spend more than 175 american bucks and I would prefer new to used. I use a handsome devil, with a blackheart 1x12 cab with an emi swamp thang in it. It handles the TW with the boost on and the crunch cream cranked pretty well.

You'd be well off with any of those I think. I hadn't listened to the LSTR before, but I liked what I'd heard from the Pharoah. That said, I would probably pick up either the LSTR or the Earthbound Super Collider. That LSTR was some THICK stuff. $150 you say? Hmmm...
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I'd go with the LSTR. Pharaoh's cool, but you're gonna want something with higher gain.
Thanks for the replies guys. I went with the LSTR. Actually it's what the wife is getting me for xmas, so it'll be about a month and a half before I can let you all know how it is.