Man deciphers the slight of Serpent’s tongue.
                                               It turns 
                                                          flesh upon
                                         itself and
         comes back ‘round
Like lovers lie, outside mind’s eye.
Like furies bind, without mankind
to douse the equivocal flame.
The Devil was but a man.[/I]

Wherein do our faiths lie,
with wrath filling our hearts,
and inquisition scratching
at our skulls?

It finds itself teetering
on indifference.
Better, since
without it our bodies grow
weary and hollow.

[I]Our God was but a man.[/I]

And so,
taken by sanity,
An (im)pulse too weak to show;
in the face 
of fleeting life.

And just like death
is but a line in the sand.
Taken by it,
a man is only a man.
Oh my God that was some art. No idea what it was about, but it's just awesome.
For me this reads of too much trying, too little fresh ambition, lyrically. Thematically solid but there's no effort to trick my lips into shapes anew.

Meaning, it read like it was what the author of the bible tried next. A little stiff and rickety in style.