So guys, I have to play Spain for a school thing in 8 days. I love the tune, and I haven't had problems figuring out and playing the main melodies.
BUT, there's a space for me to play a solo, and I'm having some problems getting the progressions down. Is it all in Bm or are there any modulations? I've been playing the Bm scale and adding some chromaticisms but it still sounds like shit in some parts, could you please help me getting it down?

Thanks in advance.
A quick Google search gave me this:


But I am not sure if the chords are correct, your jazz band may have a different arrangement in a new key. If that is the case, the scales will still apply just alter the scales to apply to the chords in your arrangement. Do you have the sheet music or charts for it? Take a look at those and find out the key signature, it should show any modulations and list the chords out. When all else fails just play triads with a few chromatics, that is going to be much simpler than stretching out into extended notes and sound more jazzy than riffing around in B minor.
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Yeah, it would help if you could post the chords that are in the arrangement you have, because people arrange original pieces all the time and change things.
Its in Bminor just like the original.