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Remaining Days
0 0%
Death Trip
0 0%
Nothing Can Take Me From You
2 50%
Hiding Myself
1 25%
0 0%
3 75%
Hate For Pleasure
1 25%
1 25%
Voters: 4.
Hi all of you. I compiled these tabs I created and thought it was about time I need some critics. Vote in the poll for the ones you liked. Thanks in advance
8 Song Guitar Pro EP.zip
Its not true...
Three songs in and I'm already noticing a problem with repetitiveness. The problem is that you're playing it safe. This sounds like typical, by-numbers metalcore. These songs are decently-written, but there's nothing (so far) that makes anything stick out from the cesspool of unmemorable Maiden-sounding riffs that were all the rage in 2006.
EDIT: Finished the whole thing, haven't really changed my mind.
Damn, son, you've got a lot to learn.
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