Hey everyone

Ive been playing guitar for around 8 years now although I hit a brick wall a year or so ago and didnt really pick the instrument up to learn again for about a year, recently when my brother brought back his acoustic which is a falcon, not a massive budget guitar but sounded nice none the less, I found myself learning songs faster and enjoying myself a lot more.

I love my funk, jazz, solos etc and thanks to Breezin by George Benson my improv skills have improved massively but at 8 years of playing I feel I should be at a stage now where I can impress, not that there is a finishing line in playing but for 8 years I certainly aint good.

Can a guitar hold you back in terms of your skill? a locked door in a sense

Guitars I have are still the ones I learnt on

Which as a Strat copy by Westfield and is certainly aged n not the highest quality of guitars..

Thanks all
sometimes it is easier to pull of certain techniques on certain guitars. So yes if you are tryin to sweep pick on a thick necked les paul, it'll be harder than doing it on an ibanez, jackson or esp superstrat, but not impossible. or playing on a guitar that has the volume pot in a 'strat position' can hold you back by making your picking hand cramp up when playing lead.
Technically, no, you should technically be able to progress and learn on any guitar unless it's got like a snapped neck or a slipping tuner or something really ****ed up like that, but I'm not gonna lie, having a nice guitar can definitely help with learning. I know when I got my Robert Cray Fender I progressed a lot faster as it was just easier to play then my cheap $180 LTD. I found my hands didn't fall of the fret board all the time when I got to high notes and it became a lot easier to do faster riffs and such. I think the struggle is to find a guitar that works for your hands/arms/body/style, and once you find something that matches you, that's what you should stick with and what will help you learn the best.
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Thanks for the fast replies guys

since I now earn expendable cash I can splash out on a nice guitar to suit my play style which usually comes back to sort of jazz/funk etc, so a trip to the guitar store will be in order soon to see what I like!!
The most important part of natural progression is finding the guitar that is right for you. Don't worry about how it sounds, just hold it and play it. Usually you'll know when you've found the "right" one within seconds.
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Thanks Offworld, which is the exact reason why Im not going straight for online buys, soon learnt not to do that when it comes to things that are made to "fit" so to speak