So I recently moved into a new house and moved all of my guitar gear personally rather than letting the movers touch it. When I went to set up in my new space, I found I couldn't get my guitar to play through the amp with it plugged through my pedals.

I currently have 3 pedals, a compression sustainer, noise suppressor and a distortion/effects pedal all daisy chained from a power supply plugged directly into the wall. The outlet is not switched. I have tried it in the wall and through the power strip that my amp is plugged into, I tried each pedal individually plugged directly into the power supply rather than the daisy chain and I tested the guitar on both my primary cables directly to the amp. It is only once the pedals are introduced that it will not play through the amp. I had Guitar Center test my power supply and it tested fine with a pedal there that didn't have a battery in it. I am severely frustrated right now and don't know what could be causing this issue. Does anybody here have any insight to what might be causing this issue?
But they all work fine individually? just when all together they don't?
Dodgy patch cable?
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Quote by Twidler
But they all work fine individually? just when all together they don't?

No. As soon as even one pedal is introduced with no patch cables, just my 2 25' cables it won't play through the amp
Yes I have made sure they were in the proper ports
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Had them off to the side so I could keep them tucked under the chair to play clean but when I tested them I just did it straight in front of the amp. Unfortunately none of my friends have an amp I can try and I only have the one.
Are you saying 25 foot cables? If so they're probably to long and the signal would need boosted, haven't you got shorter ones to try? The longer they are the weaker the signal gets and 25 foot is long but x2 is seriously f*****g long.
The setup worked fine right up until the move. That's why it's so frustrating. None of the gear is new.
I wonder if it could be anything to do with the house wiring, have you tried your gear in another room? Or have you tried the pedals individually with a battery? It's just a guess but maybe worth a shot, I'm just wondering if somehow the socket you're using can't produce enough power for everything.