Hey Guys,

So, I'm selling my current amp (bugera6262H+marshall1922 2x12 cab)), because I'm in college, and it doesn't make sense having it at home, without being played. It's a very loud amp, good for shows, but, as I'm currently without band and as I never will turn the amp past 4 on volume, I thought on selling it and buy a valve combo.

For what I've been seeing, I want something with wattage enough to gig in the future (small, maybe medium venues) but also to play at home.
I'm between these:
-Hughes and Kettner Statsman Dual 6L6 2x12
-Blackstar HT60 Stage 2x12
- Marshall Vintage modern (used)

My budget is around 600/700€

What do you think? do you have any more suggestions?

traynor ycv50b on thomann?

not sure it'll be much quieter than your bugera, though. that being said i'm not sure the other ones you've listed will be either
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The amps you're looking at arent much quieter... just sayin...
To put things into prospective have a jet city 20 watt jca2112rc all valve 1x12 combo its pretty cool but honestly i'm still using that at 1 ok i can occasionally get to 3 when the housemates are out but I can also use my ultra plus at low volumes quite well as well which is 120 watts.. I never go to 3 on that though Maybe 1 and a half..
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I suggest you keep the cab and get a different head alternatively keep the cab and get a power amp + a Multi FX