Hey guys,

Just finished building a fuzz face from scratch. When i finally go to play it everything seems normal, its sound great....I notice when I touch the metal housing a couple times that the humming reduces greatly and if I touch it enough the sound will even cut out. touch it once or twice more the sound from the amp kicks back in. I figured it was being grounded out through me but all the ground connections look fine..

Any Ideas?

cheers betch
Is this an unmodified circuit (ie, no indicator, tone pot, true bypass, etc)? And are you just touching the case, or bumping it? It you're just touching it, you may need to shield the inside of the case. You can get adhesive backed sheets of copper at Radio Shack, just cut them to fit with ordinary scissors.

Check the grounds with a multimeter, even if they look okay.

Worst case, you might have to go through the circuit with a multimeter and test all of the connections to figure out where the signal cut is coming from. Honestly the FF is simple enough that doing that shouldn't take very long.

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The circuit's originality is about 92% with the exception of the electrlytics, besides that I tried making it as original as possible. But all it literally takes is a couple taps of the finger. I used plastic spacers to keep the board from touching the bottom of the housing, theyre maybe 1/2 inch tall is it possible theyre conducting something small?
They are screwed in ffrom both sides, one from the underside of the case holding them in place and two, from the other side holding the board down. I've isolated the jacks and pot terminals with electric tape to make sure theyre not touching the housing anywhere else either to see if it would help. It didn't.

btw this case was a makeshift-had somethin laying around deal. Not ready made for an effects pedal case

I reaaallly need to invest in a multimeter.
cheers betch
It is a positive ground. I used the original schematic. By clone I literally mean its like a clone of the original all except the housing aspect of it...
cheers betch
Is it a schematic you got off the web? Not every schematic is correct. Did you make a layout from this schematic or is it one off the web also?

I'm just trying to help and I need to look at the documentation you used to make it.

Some pictures of your board, front and back, would help also.

Not one issue is going to make the pedal cut in and out so I can't say R2 is not right or your transistors are in backwards.

I need to see something since I don't have the pedal in front of me. I'll need to see if I can spot an issue.
I used the schematic from the fuzz central website. It's the first one in the list, supposed to be the oriiginal. The board was a custom made clone of the original so if look at a picture on the web its exactly that. The only thing I didn't do was use axial capacitors I used radial caps because I had access to those from my work. Unfortunately though I dont have a digital camera or a phone with a camera to take a picture but trust me everything is soldered in correctly.
cheers betch
Well if everything is soldered correctly (famous last words ), it must be the wiring, switch or the pots.

Try testing the switch for continuity if you have a multimeter that test continuity. If not, try replacing it. That or a loose wire could possibly make it cut out. A cold solder joint could make it cut out also and I would check each solder joint even though you say they are good.

Sorry. Not going to be too much I can do if I can't see what I'm working on. It's going to be the general troubleshooting above.
Wouldn't you know it a went over it again and found a cold solder joint on the first terminal of the pot. Didnt see it before because it was on the underside of the joint. *Cue the no shit sherlock moment* I fiddled with the loose wire and it cut in and out.
Thanks for hittin the switch on the light bulb, man
cheers betch