So, I bought an Ibanez RG120 a while back, and the high E and B strings constantly break(usually within an hour of playing). The other four strings have never broken...

Anyway, I plan to get http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESP-LTD-Deluxe-EC-1000-MGO-Electric-Guitar-Metallic-Gold-Les-Paul-Made-Korea-/260840297422?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cbb4b13ce and http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/egnater-tweaker-series-head-and-tweaker-112x-half-stack/424080000000000 soon, but I'd like to setup my Ibanez RG120 as a practice/beater guitar.

I would like to restring the Ibanez RG120 with six new strings and replace the plastic nut with a bone nut. Are there any other cheap things I can do to make this a better practice guitar(tuners or something)?

Does anybody have string brand and gauge recommendations for an Ibanez RG120 practice guitar in standard tuning? Help with finding an appropriate bone nut would also be appreciated...

Where are the strings snapping? At the nut, bridge or tuners?

As for upgrades a lot of companies cut costs by using cheaper parts so changing the tuners etc would be good.
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I have the same RG and I've never had this problem. I can't think of anything cheaper than replacing the nut.

As for strings for the RG120, I used to use Ernie Ball Super Slinkies [0.09-0.42] and then switched to Regular Slinkies [0.10-0.46]. I think the stock strings are 0.09s. To switch to 0.10s, you need to tighten the springs in the cavity of the guitar. I didn't have to do anything to the truss rod.


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