So as most of you know Christmas is coming around soon and I am looking to upgrade my amp, but I don't know what kind to get. I play with a MIM Fender Stratocaster, and I also have a Boss ME-70. I plan on using this amp for gigging, and I live in the Houston area. My budget is around $400-600 and I have no problems with buying used.

I play a mixture of funk, rock, blues, and punk. The kind of sounds I want from the amp are a light crunchy clean tone like the guitar tone of Can't Stop, and a distortion similar to that of The Bends era Radiohead or Pinkerton era Weezer; but since I have the ME-70 I already have most of these sounds figured out, I would just have to tinker a little bit depending on the amp to get the sounds where I want them. What amps would ya'll suggest?
you're probably looking at a 30watt or bigger tube amp. Peavey Classic 30, Laney LC30 are always good choices because of their versatility and are exactly in that range.