Hey there !
I have kinda hit the wall with tapping .
I have a quite good tehnique down alread but the thing is I dont know where to go next .
I wan't to be able to use it properly, improvise different licks and interesting phrases with tapping, to be able to know everything I do with it .
Whenever I am tapping some random stuff, it just sounds boring and unproffessional to me . I would like to throw those tapping licks anywhere like those fusion lead guitarist do or beutiful guys from the 80s ( reb beach etc ).

I just need some advice from someone who masters the art of tapping i suppose.
Learn tapping solos, licks . Just try to improvise ? or something else ?

Thanks !
or steve vai.
study some of that stuff and you'll know what to do
This is the ultimate series on tapping


It goes over the technique in a variety of ways, making it string, using it with scales, triads, octaves, he demonstrates how to use it, gives you licks and solos to practice and then some, and its all explained really well.

It also has some stuff that's a bit different, like using a variety of finger combinations and some stuff over all the strings.

Its also really fun.

He starts of just playing pentatonics with no tapping. But its all wizard after that.
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