hey guys, im getting my les paul set up soon and im gonna have it set to C standard. Could you guys recommend a set of strings to me? i like my strings nice and tight, with some bite/fight to them. if my gibson had a 25 1/2 inch scale, id throw a set of dunlop extra heavy 13-56 on them, buttttttttt, tension i think needs to be a bit tighter, because the gibby only has a scale of 24 3/4 inches. What would you guys recommend? Thanks
I recommend you use whatever gauge you like. How am I supposed to know the tension you like in your strings for the tunings you like to play in? Try the 13's out, and if you don't like them (here's the magical part), you can change them!
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Jesus, searchbar, we've had like 5 String size for C standard threads in the past week.

10-52 at min.
13-56 for a nice tight tension.
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I use a 10/59 7 string daddario set and throw away the 10 and use the 13 for the high E on a 25 1/2 inch scale guitar. The tension is awesome !
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I use the same strings as reclamation^^ 56 just seems a bit too floppy for the low C. 59 is perfect
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thank you kenvy and reclamation. Im gonna get dunlops heavycore seven string set and use every string except for the 10 gauge. I think its gonna be sick!!! XD i just hope my les paul can handle the tuning well.