Hey guys. Does someone know what gauge strings usually come on Epiphone LPs? And what gauge would be best for a late 70s to late 80s sound? Something that would cover most from ZZ Top, GNR, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc. Im running Ernie Ball Power Slinky on my Sg because I found they sound best for AC/DC (Im in a tribute band.) And I really dont feel like wasting money and doing a whole trial and error over again for my LP. Thanks Guys!
gauge: probably .10's.
sound: any gauge.
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usually they come with 10-46s. IDK I like a largish string gauge. It is usually a preference.
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For 70's and 80's I use EB Hybrid Slinky's and I love 'em

gives me a bolder, cleaner bottom but I can still bend when I need to...

As far as what came on an SG, Like banjocal said... probably 10's
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The sound is more dependent on your amp and guitar.
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The sound is more dependent on your amp and guitar.

I used the same guitar and amp settings when I did the trial and error and I did hear a different sound