ever since spring she has been evolving
and now i have her just how i want her

bridge is set up to float (but so string tension can only tighten not loosen)

seymour duncan pup in the bridge

HSH configuration with each pup having its own volume

neck and middle pups not hooked to a tone

bridge hooked to a tone (i love the sound)

coil tap on the bridge pup

she is so beautiful and versatile

what do you all think?
pix123456 002.jpg
Quote by Bam515
Shes beautiful, you did really good on congrats!

Thank you
She is Perfect! Thick chugging "death" metal tones when I. Want
And I've also been able to play blues on her

Though I haven't played in a few days cause I cut my left index finger down to the bone and at some odd angle
Luckily I can play
It is just painful ATM
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