Warmoth supplies parts for people to construct their own guitars. Bodies, necks, etc. They aren't a guitar manufacturer. Chances are he put that guitar together himself. Make sure you try it out and everything. If it plays well and sounds good and you like it you might as well go for it. From what I know about warmoth it's that making a guitar with their parts is easily well over $400. That may not be a bad deal.
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Buy it, totally worth $400.
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Warmoth is an independent guitar body/neck maker. The are pretty expensive new, but do not hold value very well.
$400 seems like an OK deal, but nothing great.
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okay thanks, I'm definately gonna try it out at least. Just depends on how it sounds and plays I guess. But if he got the parts and made it it's gonna be made how he wanted it to be. So it may take work on my part.
It's possible that the body alone is worth $400. If its in good shape, I would really consider this.

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That guitar is in Warmoth's gallery of customer instruments, if you click back far enough.

The thing with Warmoth is you gotta check it's been put together properly. The stuff Warmoth does, the routing, finishing, fret fitting, all that stuff will be good. But if the owner drilled some holes wrong or messed up the wiring then obviously you got a problem. So when you try the guitar don't just play it, check it over and look closely at all the fittings.