Hello all

Have any finger picking exercises or advice for finger independence when playing like Antoine Dufour and Andy Mckee?

It just seems that they have so much control of their fingers. I'm just an average guitar player that just composes stuff not really learn songs so much so any advice would be helpful
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Well, they don't play any super technical fingerstyle, but they use complex percussion when they play (sometimes). If I don't remember wrong, Andy McKee has said that tunes like Stairway to Heaven and Dust in the Wind are good to start with to learn his fingerstyle since that is what he started with.

The only excersie tbat is related to what you want that I can think of at the moment is travis picking. Check out this video, he explains it very well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHDwX3HT9oA
get a gripmaster - whatever strength makes sense for you. practice different finger patterns on it in different orders. say first 1432 for 8 reps, then switch to 4231 and so on. make up several and practice them for a week in the same order, then next week switch it around. i find it easier on a gripmaster than a guitar for this kind of practice.
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