Hey UG,
Does anyone have the Blade Runner tremolo system by Super Vee? I'm considering getting it for my MIM Strat because my strings always go out of tune when I use the trem and it's a pain. I've tried finding the zero point and I'll get all of the strings to stay in tune except for one. I'm not going to be dive bombing all the time, considering it mostly for sustain and tone. The only thing is I really want to keep my String Saver saddles in there too. How much would the sustain be affected by switching the blade runner saddles to String saver saddles?

Also, does anyone know anything about pickup baseplates? I have a Seymour Duncan hotrail in my bridge and its a little bit thin. Do you guys think a baseplate would be a good way to go before switching out the pickup?

Thanks in advance!
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if your just looking for tuning stability, maybe this is something to consider.


otherwise, why not just get a floyd instead of messing around with small names that no one has ever heard of? if you have to ask about the brand, then there is a reason that its not very popular. if you want be really using the trem try to find an ibanez gibralter bridge. its just a double locking fixed bridge