Hey guys, at the moment this is a feeler just because we dont have any made, and I am testing the waters on here and a few other places to see how much interest there would be for these boards. Me and my bandmate both made some custom pedalboards out of diamond plate, and they came out awesome. We have gotten a lot of good response to them and people wanting some, so I figured I'd post something about it here and see if UG thought the same.

Ill post some pics of mine, which is a completely custom one with built in locking 1/4" jacks for everything, lights, and a plexiglass top, which will be additional features available.

This is when it was still in the works but its a good shot of the design and you can see how large it is. This one was 24" X 18".

This one you can see the locking 1/4" jacks and the built in switches for the different lights on the right side of the board. Also obviously we cut out a section for my bands logo to be light up when the lights shine, which will be an option.

Sorry this one is a bit blurry, but it shows the built in Twist lock power cable, and you can see the wiring done on the inside a little bit.

Now we were thinking of starting the pedalboards around $150 USD for a diamond plate frame, velcro top, handles, hinged bottom for easy access, internal wiring, Twist Lock power jack, and 2 locking 1/4" jacks.

Extra locking jacks (I have 5 for the possibility of running an effects loop and 2 outputs) would probably be $10 each

Plexiglass top would probably be an additional $75 due to the extra internal support needed and the issue of dealing with the plexiglass

Lights would be an additional $75 as well to cover cost and instiallation of a built in on/off switch.

Cut-out Logo would be $50 extra.

If you had any other custom ideas or anything you could ask and Im sure we could work something out. Now we dont have any built now and not sure if we are going to do this for real or not, this is more to see what kid of response we get and if we could get enough interest to do these. Obviously all costs would be before shipping as well. Let me know what you think and if you have any more questions let me know! Thanks!