Does anyone have any expierience with Xaviere guitars from guitarfetish? I was recently looking through the clearance section on their website and nothing caught my eye until I saw the XV-580 which is basically a copy of the Yamaha SG. I've always wanted a Yamaha SG since I found out that Aaron Barrett plays one and the price looks almost too good to pass up. I play guitar in an indie/pop-punk band but I also play classic rock, ska, reggae and a tiny bit of metal. Right now I only have a guitar with single coils so I think it might be good to get something with humbuckers for a slightly more mid-heavy, higher gain type sound. I also think it would be good to have a backup for when I start gigging. So can someone tell me if his would be a good guitar for me or possibly share their experience with this brand?

Edit: I should also mention that I really like thick necks since I don't play much lead guitar (as you could probably guess from the genres I listed). Do these have thick necks?
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Don't know about it from personal experience, but I've heard the quality is spotty. Some are great and others aren't. I don't remember if they'll let you exchange it if your not happy, but shipping could add up pretty fast.

Good luck.
my experiences from GF haven't been great. I've only bought parts but I've bought a good amount and they REALLY vary in quality.
Do you think Agile would be a better way to go for a mahogany guitar with humbuckers or P90s in that price range. I've considered the Al-2000 as well as their double cut Les Paul special copy (ad-2500 or something, I can't really remember). The thing that made me consider Xaviere was the fact that the Agiles in that price range have ceramic pickups which I've heard are harsh sounding which I know I don't want for playing ska or reggae and I've heard that the guitar fetish pickups are really good.
I've at least bought a pedal case from Rondo and it is a great value. Also I've been impressed with some of their Ibanez copies from what I've seen on the web. I've never heard anything bad about them, but it seems like their pricier models might be worth the extra $$$.

Anyway, pups are easy to replace. And you don't have to do it right away.
All I have heard is good things about the Xaviere guitars. I have used guitarfetish several times, and have been completely satisfied with the quality of there parts. Yes you can get better, but not any where in there price range. There pickups are pretty good, I'd be willing to say that a few are better sounding than a few Dimarzio/Duncans that I own.
I say go for it, the price is right and they have excelent customer service
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Alright thanks. I checked around online more after posting this thread and found that you can return anything that's not good quality and they'll then put them back online as blems to sell at a reduced price. It's also going to be way to hard for me to pass up that Yamaha SG body shape. I know it's kind of lame that I want to get it because one of my favorite guitar players plays one similar to it but he just looks so cool with his and I'll probably get a different color other than sunburst so it won't be exactly the same.
Don't worry that's the driving influence behind a LOT of people's decisions with guitars, especially newer players. That's why celebrity endorsement in the guitar industry is so important compared to sponsorship in other industries such as sports drinks or other things.
I hear a lot of mixed things about them but the price is great and I can't imagine there's many better options in their price range. From my vantage point though I've heard that they vary wildly from amazing to atrocious.
Since you can always send it back if you aren't satisfied I'd say it wouldn't hurt to give one a try.
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