I am not a huge fan of this style of metal. That being said:

+1 The technical skills on all accounts is very solid
+1 The Production quality on the track is quite good
+1 The musicality of the piece is very good

-1 I think the arrangement would be better suited if the more Airy section of the piece came first
-1 There was a very awkward stop followed by what sounded like an unrealted and complete change in direction of the song

So for me you get a +1 total. Keep in mind, my thoughts are subjective and bent towards my style preferences. So don't be discouraged. I did like it eventhough I don't like the genre.

I will finish up with one suggestion.

I see the potential for some epic build - tension - release in your style. I think if you focus your song writting to emphasize the fact that your group can actually be very musical in the slower, tension building sections, and hold those moments just a bit more and break the tension with the sledghammer of shred riffs only when you can't quite hold it in any more. As i said...I don't like the throaty shred metal, but i rather liked your song a good bit...thanks for sharing
i really like your style! interesting riffs all around. i agree with cypherfx20 about the awkward stop in the beginning. and i think i would have preferred that it ended with the riff that is playing at 5:30, as opposed to the relatively upbeat ending.

sometimes the synths sorta popped out with a little more volume than i expected though, like the single-note choir thing towards the end.
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

The pause at the start didn't come out exactly as it was supposed to (kind of missing a guitar part), so hopefully that is why it sounds a bit awkward.

Let me know if you have a song I can crit to return the favor =)