Okay, a heads up. This might be the worst band that you ever listen to. But we'll all deal with that when we need to.


My band is called "The 51 Cards" and we are currently recording our debut album "Whiskey Flowers". And its a great project that really means a lot to us although we obviously are inexperienced, (seeing as the band members are either 17 or 18). But we ended up making a deal with a local label that produces a lot great folk and country acts to record one album.

You can check out the reverbnation link to listen or download a couple little sample tracks, or you can find our facebook page to keep updated with the album process, if you liked what you heard.

The album will be free to download in entirety when it is released next month.

You guys are actually badass...I expected you to suck cause of what you said haha. I'll definitely check out the album when its finished.
Impressive stuff, particularly considering your ages. Of just as much interest was the Star Tropics stuff! The name's cool, but the sound were better!

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it