Hey guys, so I'm a big fan of, as the thread title suggests, melodic punk rock. Anyhow, my band is separated at the moment (Friggin' college) and I haven't had a chance to run this by them.

I was listening to Rise Against's song "Make It Stop" and I really liked the simplistic feel of the opening, specifically the simple 8th note composed riff. This in mind, I was messing around and kind of got a sound I liked then threw in some very basic additional instruments just to make it feel fuller.

Regardless, the recording is completely synthetic as I don't have any recording equipment, nor all the instruments. Also, I know it needs tweeking and nuancing, but as a whole or as a concept, what's the opinion?

It's listed as "Make It Stop" Inspired Riff: LINK

What do you think?

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Sounds cool. Lot more melodic than what I think of as punk, but I guess that depends on what else you put in there. And it'll sound different on a real guitar, too. And I'm not that familiar with "melodic punk" but I guess it makes sense.

Good luck with it.