hey dudes

just wondering if its possible to wire a neck pickup to work in the bridge position?
im aware they produce different tones, and may be completely different pickups altogether?

i have a kramer pacer body which i used the bridge pickup in another project, and im wondering if i could use the neck humbucker in the bridge...

thanks \m/
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Of course you can, the wires are the same.

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Yeah, it's doable. My local guitar shop accidenlty put a set of pickups in the wrong way round and it actually sounded pretty good (the Nailbomb/Cold Sweat in my sig). Makes me want to try a lower output set.
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The reason neck and bridge pickups have different tones (assuming they're the same model for simplicitys sake), is because they're at different places in the strings vibration.

When a pickup has an option for neck or bridge, the bridge is just generally slightly hotter. It changes the tone slightly, but the reason for it is because the string is vibrating less near the bridge that it is closer to the neck. So its just to compensate for volume loss when you stich between pickups

So yes, like everyone said, you can put your neck humbucker in the bridge position, but it won't sound like a neck pickup. Just like a slightly lower volume bridge pickup