Hey guys, I have ordered a Midi-14 and reverb, delay and phaser pedals and have more pedals either on the way or waiting for stock. I eventually want to get a pedaltrain(I think that's what it is called) and have all my pedals laid out on it so it's nice, clean and stuck down. Problem is I will have about 8-9 pedals plus the Midi-14 and a Pedal Power II+ and some of those pedals will have to go through the effects loop. Here are the style of pedals I am buying or have bought:

Analog delay

Which pedals would typically go through the effects loop? I will be using the amps own distortion and don't think I will need/want compression or fuzz pedals. The amp itself is a ENGL E670 SE with Midi so the Midi-14 will run through the Midi cable but before I go out and buy 12 6 inch patch cables I want to know if and how many cables I will need for the effects loop?

I think I can use one of the outputs on the Midi-14 to send other outputs through the effects loop but just want to be sure(ie use output 6 to send outputs 1-5 through the effects loop). I'm assuming I just use good quality, short guitar cables for this? I use Mogami for the guitar and speaker cables, would they make good cables for the pedals? Right angled cable ends for saving space?

This probably sounds dumb but I need some help as I want to get this up and running ASAP! Thank heaps!

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Except for the wah and the tuner, you could put all that in the effects loop.

But its best to experiment to see what sounds best to YOUR ears.